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Leaf Line Expands With a New GS in Santa Maria, Azores

AUGUST 2020 – We’ve started our global implementation operations once again, despite the complex sitaution, and got a new proprietary GS up and running in the Azores! The new ground station will be part of our worldwide distributed ground station network, Leaf Line, capable of providing ground segment services to multiple New Space satellite operators.  […]

Leaf Space partners with CYSEC to offer end-to-end cyber security protection for satellite communications

AUGUST 2020 – Leaf Space, an Italian company providing ground segment services for smallsats has signed an MoU consolidating a partnership agreement with CYSEC, a Swiss cybersecurity company, to offer end-to-end cyber security protection for satellite communications. Small satellites with a size ranging from a shoebox to the size of a washing machine are revolutionizing […]

Smallspark Space Systems and Leaf Space enter agreement to offer cutting edge ground station services to the UK

JULY 2020 – Cardiff-based aerospace company Smallspark Space Systems has entered into an exciting agreement with Leaf Space, an Italian provider of ground segment services to satellite operators and launchers, to bring cutting edge ground station services to UK Government and private sector clients. Smallspark and Leaf Space plan for a partnership to deliver joint […]

Satsearch – Satellite ground stations: installing your own vs using an existing network

JUNE 2020 – This position piece is produced in collaboration with commerical partner satsearch. Article originally published at – link. Communication is key to the success of any space mission. Establishing and maintaining the right communication systems throughout the lifecycle of a satellite operation begins with Launch and Early Operations (LEOP). LEOP allows engineers to […]

CEO and co-founder Jonata Puglia Interviewed by Forbes Italia

APRIL 2020 – Forbes Italia wrote about Leaf Space this week, with this rich interview featuring our CEO and co-founder Jonata Puglia. Having overviewed the company’s foundation and early stages, author Emilio Cozzi covered topics including Leaf Space’s development and ground station network expansion plans outside of Europe, got some insights on our active and […]

Leaf Space’s Interview for Fortune Italia – Startup Highlight

APRIL 2020 – Fortune Italia involved Leaf Space in its latest article regarding strategic Italian involvement in the space sector, interviewing our CEO Jonata Puglia who highlighted Leaf Space’s history, growth and uniqueness in the Italian space environment. Topics in the interview include our ongoing collaboration with Virgin Orbit, supporting them for the testing phases […]

Leaf Space supports ESA’s OPS-SAT mission

JANUARY 2020 – Having been awarded the contract to support the launch and early orbit phase (LEOP) of ESA’s new OPS-SAT cubesat, Leaf Space has been successfully supporting the mission’s ground segment with its ground station network since launch on 18 December 2019. OPS-SAT is an ESA cubesat and the world’s first free-for-use, in-orbit testbed […]

Mainstream Newspaper Corriere della Sera Article on Leaf Space – Virgin Orbit Collaboration

JANUARY 2020 – Leaf Space colaboration has been recently covered on Italy’s mainstream newspaper Corriere della Sera with a full page article, explaining the story and upcoming support Leaf Space will provide to the innovative smallsat launch system Virgin Orbit is developing. Link to the article on Corriere della Sera here.   About Virgin Orbit […]

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