Introducing Leaf Line

Introducing Leaf Line: A smaller budget shouldn’t come at a cost to your mission effectiveness. Leaf Line is a ground segment as-a-service which is tailored to your needs, including daily passes, pass distribution and operational conditions. The perfect solution for in-orbit demonstrations (IOD) or other missions requiring high contact time and low latency, typical elements of our distributed ground station network.


Upgrade anytime, whenever you need to


Our services are ready when you want them


We deploy the same systems globally to ensure reliability


How does it work?


Our powerful scheduling algorithm guarantees requested contacts to multiple satellites and missions across the entire network.


Use our API-rest to interact with the network, set your satellite parameters and constraints, retrieve the schedule of operations, and all the data you need.


Only pay for what you use. The price is calculated on a per-pass basis, to ensure affordability. We also offer volume discounts for constellations.


Using SDRs, different protocols and modulation schemes can be integrated providing support to a different mission at the same time. Bring Your Own Code (BYOC) reduces set-up time.


The way to ensure high contact time and low latency to satellites in different orbits? A network of globally distributed ground stations.


Exchange data in real-time with the ground station contacting your satellite. We route your data to the right destination, eliminating multiple connections.

Get started with Leaf Line


Send us a request via the online form

We’ll send you a requirement brief to fill out

Our engineering team will explore solutions with you

We’ll integrate your mission in the Leaf Line service

Test the entire service on the ground or with satellite in orbit

Service activation – all systems are go

Tell us what you need

Already have a ground segment? Aside from full-mission support, Leaf Line provides different service solutions, depending on your mission needs, including LEOP, back-up and boost services.


Need more contact windows with your satellite during deployment and commissioning? We can provide LEOP support. Use different ground stations to track different objects reducing the TLE lottery and commissioning of your satellite.


Is your mission going better than planned? Raising the capacity of your ground segment might be the solution! Our Boost service enables you to cover these needs effectively and with a competitive cost.


Want to improve the reliability of your current ground segment? We can guarantee the required connectivity in case of issues with your primary system. Subscribe to the service and activate it when you need it for seamless connectivity.


RX Frequency [MHz] 137-144
TX Frequency [MHz]
Polarization RHCP-LHCP
Antenna Type Yagi 16 el.
G/T [dB/K] @ 10° > -14.6 in freq. range
Modulation Configurable
Protocol Configurable


RX Frequency [MHz] 399-402
TX Frequency [MHz] 401-403
Polarization RHCP-LHCP
Antenna Type Yagi 32 el.
G/T [dB/K] @ 10° > -11.6 in freq. range
EIRP[dBW] 34
Modulation Configurable
Protocol Configurable


RX Frequency [MHz] 2200-2300
TX Frequency [MHz] 2025-2110
Polarization RHCP-LHCP
Antenna Type 3m dish
G/T [dB/K] @ 10° > 10.9 in freq. range
EIRP[dBW] 43
Modulation Configurable
Protocol Configurable


RX Frequency [MHz] 8025-8400
TX Frequency [MHz]
Polarization RHCP-LHCP
Antenna Type 3m dish
G/T [dB/K] @ 10° > 24 in freq. range
Modulation Configurable
Protocol Configurable

Wide Range Compatibility & Support

Focus is put on highly scalable interfaces and operations, while continuously iterating according to NewSpace market needs in terms of new verticals (Launch Vehicles, HAPS) in addition to satellite and constellation operators. The company’s infrastructure is globally distributed and utilizes both 3.7-meter and 3-meter parabolic dishes used for both S-band and X-band operations, while Yagis are used for UHF and VHF respectively, implementing commercial high datarate receivers in combination with Leaf Space baseband processing software.

Radio Pre-Integration

Need more The choice of finalizing the pre-integration of a group of radio systems is strategic to develop Leaf Line and Leaf Key in such a way to offer a ready-to-use service, improving its commercial value. Pre-integration in our ground station network of radios installed on-board small satellites avoids repeating part of the necessary integration process to provide a telecommunications service each time a customer chooses Leaf Space services. As a result, service deployment time is reduced and upfront costs are minimized.

Leaf Line Network 

Leaf Space Ground Station Network- Scheme
Vimercate – Italy
Puertollano – Spain
Cork – Ireland
Santa Maria – Azores
Awarua – New Zealand


SSO: 8 pass/day/sat
ISS: 8 pass/day/sat
EQ: no


SSO: 10 pass/day/sat
ISS: 12 pass/day/sat
EQ: very soon!

Q2 2021

SSO: 32 pass/day/sat
ISS: 31 pass/day/sat
14 pass/day/sat
Passages/day are intended per satellite. Value might vary with orbital conjunction.

Contact us if you need more information or you’d like to receive our extensive technical documentation.