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ESA Awards CARES Project to Leaf Space for Covid-19 Patient Remote Monitoring

NOVEMBER 2020 – Leaf Space has been selected by the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Application programme under ESA’s Space Solution umbrella, for its innovative CARES project proposal, involving the use of telemedicine via satellite for home monitoring of patients with COVID-19. Leaf Space, an innovative Italian SME in the world of the New Space […]

Leaf Space supports ESA’s OPS-SAT mission

JANUARY 2020 – Having been awarded the contract to support the launch and early orbit phase (LEOP) of ESA’s new OPS-SAT cubesat, Leaf Space has been successfully supporting the mission’s ground segment with its ground station network since launch on 18 December 2019. OPS-SAT is an ESA cubesat and the world’s first free-for-use, in-orbit testbed […]

Leaf Space and Pixxel Sign Leaf Line Service Agreement For Inaugural Mission

OCTOBER 2019 – Pixxel, India’s first private earth imaging company announced their agreement with Leaf Space, a company delivering complete ground segment expertise for microsatellites. The announcement was made at the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington DC, wherein Leaf Space will provide the ground segment support for the satellite to be launched in July 2020. […]

Success Story – D-Orbit service provision

JULY 2019 –  Leaf Space has been collaborating with D-Orbit in several service provisions since early 2018, building a close relationship between the two companies. Consultancy for on-board TMTC systems, communications testing, hardware and subsystem provision are some of the projects in development with D-Orbit. In addition, the LEOP service will be provided to D-Orbit […]

Success Story – Fleet Space Technologies service provision

JULY 2019 –  Leaf Space has provided a complete set of ground segment services to IoT start-up Fleet Space Technologies since October 2017, resulting in a fruitful collaboration focused on the development of their satellite constellation. We successfully developed, built and deployed a ground station for Fleet’s operations center in Australia in 2018, with a […]

Success Story – ISRO LEOP service provision

JULY 2019 – In early 2017, Leaf Space supported the Indian Space Research Organization for the INS-1C mission, providing a successful LEOP service. The mission was focused on demonstrating a miniature multispectral technology payload from the Space Applications Center. Due to the short notice time for the service provision request, the challenging project was developed […]

Leaf Space to provide dedicated ground segment to Astrocast Global IoT constellation

SEPTEMBER 2018 –  Leaf Space and Astrocast announced an agreement for Astrocast’s use of Leaf Space ground stations. The agreement calls for up to 12 antennas to support the Astrocast IoT network, a 64-unit nanosatellite constellation, which is scheduled to be launched in phases. The antennas included in the agreement will be built and operated […]

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