Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of different seniorities and backgrounds. We collect excellence in the space, TLC, software and legal fields. Each person is a fundamental link in the chain that leads to Leaf Space success. We connect ground to space by keeping ourselves humans.

Leaf Space and People

Jonata Puglia
CEO & Co-Founder

Giovanni Pandolfi Bortoletto
CSO & Co-Founder

Jai Dialani
Managing Director US

Alessandro Banfi
Head of Ground Station System Engineering

Eliana Bellotti
Accounting Officer

Berenger Villat
Head of Mission Management

Sara Lissoni
Marketing and Communication Manager

Matteo Pesenti
Legal Officer

Matteo Cappella
Space Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Giacomo Camporini
Full Stack Software Developer

Erica Lavarini
Site Manager

Alice Zilioli
Administration Officer

Pietro Corrado
IT Manager & Head of SRE Team

Stefan Vlad Tudor
Mission Analyst

Ela Seifar
HR Officer

Chiara Bertolini
Junior Mission Manager

Giovanni Antonio Peru
Software Developer

Raffaele Bua
Head of Product Development

Pavel Gasperini
Electronic Technician

Nadia Lamera
GS system engineer

Luca Strobino
Mission Manager

Luca Mercurio
Mission Manager

Luca Severin
Junior Mission Specialist

Luca Aldini
Junior Business Analyst

Marcel Santos Souza
Software Developer


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