16 Luglio 2020

Leaf Space Announces MoU with Launch Provider Agnikul

JULY 2020 – We are super excited to announce our official partnership with Agnikul, a company building an affordable, nimble launch vehicle that is capable of launching small satellites on-demand. Under the MoU that we signed, we would now be supporting Agnikul in the provision of ground segment services for their highly portable launch vehicle – Agnibaan – through our ground station network infrastructure. 

Leaf Space’s support will be delivered thanks to the development of a mobile and versatile ground station capable of supporting the Agnibaan launcher in the initial phases of lift-off, from any of their launch locations. Short setup and turnaround time will be key elements of our service support. Further, the launcher will be supported by the rest of Leaf Space’s ground station network infrastructure.

Additionally, we are also exploring the ability to offer to Agnikul’s customers our ground segment support as a package with the Agnibaan launch service itself. This will further simplify mission management for both our customers. 

All of this means – faster, cheaper and easier access to space, thanks to the added value of ground segment support for a turn-key launch service. Thank you, Agnikul! 

To find out more about Agnikul, visit: www.agnikul.in

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