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What we are searching for
Leaf Space is a leading provider of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions. Leaf Space's proprietary concept is focused on providing satellite and launch vehicle connectivity as-a-service, to support clients with their operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system through a complete set of services.
What we need?

All of Leaf Space’s GSaaS solutions are driven by the need of the satellite and launch vehicle operators to
have an efficient, secure and effective method to operate their assets and to enable full exploitation of
data. The value of Leaf’s solutions has been already recognized by the market covering different
applications from remote sensing to IoT communications.
We are actively developing innovative, disruptive technologies to support the NewSpace economy. We
prioritize hiring top talent and cultivating a collaborative, high-achieving and supportive workplace. Leaf
Space has a core team headquartered in Milan, Italy and recently expanded its presence in the U.S. with
headquarters based in Northern Virginia.
Leaf Space is looking for world-class talent ready to tackle challenging projects to drive expansion and
sustainability of the space ecosystem. Leaf Space offers competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits and
flexible remote work options. Read more about what we are doing here at Leaf Space and submit an
application to come join our team!