6 Maggio 2019

Leaf Space announces its new Radio Free-Integration Service

MAY 2019 – 

Leaf Space has taken the advantage of the upcoming CubeSat Workshop in San Luis Obispo to announce an important step forward in streamlining the process of radio integrations in its Ground Segment infrastructure and services. The choice of finalizing the pre-integration of a group of radio systems is strategic to develop Leaf Line and Leaf Key in such a way to offer a ready-to-use service, improving its commercial value.

Pre-integration of radios installed on-board small satellites avoids repeating part of the necessary integration process to provide a telecommunications service each time a customer chooses Leaf Space services. As a result, service deployment time is reduced and upfront costs are minimized.

Following a detailed market analysis, Leaf Space has decided to kick-off its pre-integration program by completing the integration process of the radios included in Table 1.

Radio Manufacturer
AX100 GOMSpace
SR2000 GOMSpace
SRS3 Satlab
Lithium Li-1 AstroDev

Table 1

The bundle available for purchase will include an integration service free of charge and 10 free familiarization passages as a first approach to our Leaf Line network and one of the following service packets at a discounted and very competitive price:

1. Limited: 150 passes included at 2’500 €;
2. Standard: 200 passes included at 3’200 €;
3. Extended: 250 passes included at 3’800 €.

Based on the communication requirements of the user:

  • Downlink Only: if operations imply only downlink, the start of the service is immediate and without any additional fee;
  • TT&C: if TT&C is necessary, start of the service will be effective also for the uplink (downlink operations are still immediate) when the license is granted. The fee to cover licensing costs are based on the number of ground stations used for the service at 150€ per month per GS.

Once all the passages included in the packet are used, the user of the service can continue using our Leaf Line based on a standard pricing per pass for an unlimited time, with no service interruptions or modifications and without any kind of further integration procedures.

The long-term goal is to continue integration of several other small satellite radios in order to extend the pre-integration offer’s portfolio and create even more opportunities for operators or users.

Keen to expand our free-integration service we are providing a 50% discount on integration fees for service requests received within 30th June 2019, from customers having different radios than the pre-integrated ones.

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