30 Luglio 2019

Success Story – Fleet Space Technologies service provision

JULY 2019 – 

Leaf Space has provided a complete set of ground segment services to IoT start-up Fleet Space Technologies since October 2017, resulting in a fruitful collaboration focused on the development of their satellite constellation.

We successfully developed, built and deployed a ground station for Fleet’s operations center in Australia in 2018, with a 6 month lead time. Once operational, we also provided the LEOP service for their two test satellites launched (Falcon 9 SSO-A and PSLV-C43), and completed the service cycle by increasing communications coverage, activating the Leaf Line in Europe to track Fleet’s Centauri CubeSats. 

Leaf Space continues to provide operations assistance for the Australian ground station and coverage over Europe for the Centauri satellites.

Video Link of the GS Deployment


About Fleet Space Technologies

Fleet is an agile space company connecting the Internet of Things around the world using a massive fleet of small low-cost satellites, making it faster, simpler and cheaper to connect the world’s devices. The company provides direct, global access to a secure low-cost low-bandwidth connectivity platform ideal for machine to machine data exchange and deploying IoT sensor networks at scale, with simple device setup and management through a web interface and powerful cognitive analytics built in.

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