30 Ottobre 2020

Leaf Space Doubles its Capacity at Puertollano Teleport with a New GS

OCTOBER 2020 – A new ground station has been deployed and activated at Leaf Space’s reliable partner teleport Deimos, in Puertollano, Spain!

The brand new ground station has been installed at the site given the growing capacity request for passes over this area, in parallel with the activation of our customer Astrocast’s mission using the dedicated Leaf Key service at this location. In particular, this deployment features our newly developed and built ground station type, which focuses on a more compact and streamlined system capable of communicating in VHF and UHF. This kind of ground station also has the capability of supporting a parabolic dish for S-band communications in parallel with VHF and UHF.

With this new release, we further improve our Leaf Line capacity and nonetheless propose a innovative and competitive ground station model in the New Space market.

Feel free to contact us to receive more details on this system and on our unique Leaf Line service!

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