To provide a simple Ground Segment Service you do not just need a big network of antennas, you need a way to efficiently operate it in the most autonomous way. That’s what we’re doing at Leaf Space: we combine efficiently distributed proprietary infrastructure through a cloud powered brain, the Network Cloud Engine. The infrastructure provides power, the NCE provides control.

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The Network Cloud Engine (NCE)

The Network Cloud Engine is a set of microservices running in the cloud develop to both orchestrate the entire activity of the Ground Station Network and to abstract its operations from the user point of view. No need to directly manage the operations of each GS and baseband equipment down to the bit, let the NCE do it for you.

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  • Provides a single interface to the entire Ground Station Network, abstracting the entire infrastructure from customer
  • 100% in-house developed and maintained
  • Agnostic to Cloud Service Providers: no need for a customer to use the same CSP as we do.
  • Runs entirely in the cloud on carbon neutral data centres
  • Full-scalability: the NCE is not dependent on active GSs and satellites

The Scheduler:

One thing we do differently is scheduling. Allocating capacity on a Ground Station Network is not a trivial thing, especially if you want to do it in an optimized way with tens of antennas and hundreds of satellites. That’s why we developed our own scheduling algorithm to do just that. The Scheduler takes as input several mission constraints coming directly from the users, combines them with available passes of all the active satellites above the entire network and then run an optimization to provide 72 hours moving window schedule that always satisfy the constraints. Thanks to this we do not only commit on reliability, but we commit on the availability of the needed capacity, overcoming one of the main issues of the standard first-in/first-served booking strategy.


  • Patent-pending technology
  • Always satisfy missions constraints
  • Ensure highest delivered capacity
  • Increase efficiency of operations then reducing costs

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Zero-Trust Architecture

“Never Trust, Always Verify”

No Key Distribution Management between Leaf and the Users

End-to-End Security from Satellite to Mission Control thanks to Leaf Architecture

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