We’re passionate about Space and since 2014 we are building up and enlarging a solid distributed infrastructure for the world that is yet to come:  a world where Space is closer than you think, where Space data change and improve several industries.


Research, courage, resourcefulness, constancy

We’re passionate about Space ever since we discovered that building rockets and communication antennas was incredibly rewarding and fun. Leaf Space is operating and continues to develop a solid and reliable distributed ground station infrastructure for a world where Space is for everyone, up there to be discovered and explored with small, versatile and cost-effective Smallsats.

Our unique concept is focused on creating satellite telecommunications sold as-a-service, in order to assist clients with their satellite operations by managing and procuring the entire ground segment system. We’re looking for people that dream of working in the New Space sector and are eager to dedicate their skills to fullfill our company’s goal: simplifying access to Space.

Leaf Space Team - electronic lab work
Leaf Space Team - office relax
Leaf Space Team - office entrance