Everything else you need for a successful mission

If you’ve already invested in one or more ground stations, you can still take advantage of our in-depth knowledge with our range of unique solutions. Our ground segment expertise will help you deliver efficient, cost-controlled missions.

Remember, even if you already have a ground segment you can use Leaf Line for LEOP, to increase visibility, to boost capacity, or improve reliability (backup).

What can we do?


Upgrade your existing system, or improve hardware incrementally. Our team of expert engineers is on board to guide you through the process and help you make the right choice.


Optimize GSN operations taking into account different constraints such as ground station availability, contact time, and latency. We use the algorithms of our Leaf Line and Leaf Key services, assuring high reliability and capacity for heavy use.  


Have something else in mind? We can provide consultancy on any area related to the ground segment:

  • RF systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Control and monitoring
  • GSN operations
  • Satellite TMTC systems

Interested? Tell us about your needs for a customized quote.