Everything else you need for a successful mission

If you’ve already invested in one or more ground stations, you can still take advantage of our in-depth knowledge with our range of unique solutions. Our ground segment expertise will help you deliver efficient, cost-controlled missions.

Remember, even if you already have a ground segment you can use Leaf Line for LEOP, to increase visibility, to boost capacity, or improve reliability (backup).



Interested in acquiring some hardware for yourself? Leaf Space provides complete ground stations in different configurations to satisfy your mission requirements, with availability to purchase RF hardware and ground station emulators (GSEs) for pre-mission testing purposes.


During Launch and Early Operation Phase (LEOP), the possibility to have as many contacts as possible with the satellite is a must. Thanks to the distributed nature of the Leaf Line network, this need is easily satisfied.
Different objects can be tracked by different GSs at the same time, reducing the TLE lottery resulting in a faster commissioning. Through the dedicated API endpoint, it is possible to update TLEs as fast as they are published or retrieved directly from the satellite itself.


Leaf Space’s experience in the SmallSat ground segment environment has aided in building a significant internal know-how in the field. Our team is capable of assisting customers for technical consulting, licensing, ground segment CONOPS, simulations, testing and several other areas.

  • RF systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Control and monitoring
  • GSN operations
  • Satellite TMTC systems


Fully-managed, Launch Vehicle Tracking as-a-Service with real-time autotrack and Telemetry reception deployed on-demand with additional support from worldwide distributed Leaf Line network.

  • Real-time tracking of launchers, sounding rockets, high altitude balloons
  • Telemetry reception for monitoring launch vehicle health metrics
  • Worldwide ground station presence to support variety of launch inclinations
  • Ground Station deployed on demand for support at launch sites
  • Conveniently priced per launch campaign

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